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Last updated on Aug. 16, 2010

Carrying [Bike Transport] Bag


You have to use it, if you bring your bike on a train.
Shrinking the bag, it is very compact.
I don't know you have the rule of packing on a train in your country. I think maybe not. So I don't know there is a bag in your nearby bicycle shop. Several manufactures, OSTRICH(Site in Japanese), TIOGA(U.S.A site. There is not a catalog of bag on Nov./21/2004), T's SPICE, etc., produce bags. Please ask in your nearby bicycle shop. There are not so many shops having stocks of bag in Japan.

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logos of bag makers

You can buy them in internet shop. See below.

It is a U.S. company but they have a international shipping service.
The page for "Performance TransIt Soft Bike Case" is here.
(Jun. 05, 2006)
Bike Nashbar

It is a U.S. company and I don't know they serve international shipping, but I think it is worth to contact with them.
The page for "Nashbar Bike Transport Bag" is here.
(Jun. 05, 2006)
But I'm not sure that they are so compact when they are shrinked. f(^_^;

How to put bike into carrying bag (from YouTube).

Light and Rear Reflector

They are duties in law in Japan.

availability of midget lamp

Recently LED lights are popular in Japan, so I wonder if you can get midget lamp even in sports bike dealing bicycle shop in Japan. More I wonder if you can get them in normal bicycle shop. So I recommend you to buy them in your nearby bicycle shop before coming to Japan.
type halogen lamp halogen lamp
voltage 6V-2.4W 4.8V-0.5A
type halogen lamp micro halogen lamp
voltage 2.5V-0.5A 4.8V-0.5A

PET Bottle Cage

pbcage0m.jpgIf you have one, it is very convenient I think. You can bring 1.5L of water. Manufacture is MINOURA, etc..
Recentry 2L PET bottle of mineral water is more popular than 1.5L one. So if you get the bottle, don't thow away it.