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About Japan (including bike tour in Japan)

Tokyo Cycling Club (TCC) - "Cycling with Fun"

The TCC, a joint project of and Japan Reference, comprises Japanese and foreign bicycle aficionados who enjoy a good ride around Kanto area as well as an occasional drink, and aims at promoting friendship and cultural exchange between cyclists from Japan and elsewhere.
All dedicated cyclists are welcome, but please be aware that "mama-charries" (basket-equipped shopping bikes and the likes) won't do.

Come on and Join us!
Japan Reference - Your Guide to Japan in English

Reliable search engines and directories by mining for hidden data related to almost every aspect of Japan. They are constantly trying to provide you with extensive and useful web resources.
[Site in Japanese]

One of the best bike shop in Tsunashima, Yokohama.


MUMU Travel Tips in Japan

Most Useful & Most Useless Travel Tips in Japan
There are several travel Tips you may had better to be aware of.

japan-guidecom_logo.gif - Japan Travel and Living Guide

Everything about modern and traditional Japan with emphasis on travel and living related information.


Bicycle Touring Regeneration Plan

There are many tips about bicycle touring. But it is originaly a site in Japanese. You click the note "<<English " at the top of the page and then you can read in English. But it is computer translated English, take care please.



There are many useful tips and toravelogues of cycling in Japan. The contents are "Getting Started", "Destinations", "Resources" etc..


Japan Cycling Navigator

It is a web site introduce what cycling around in Japan is like. Feel Japan as it is!


Nakatsue Village
[Site in Japanese]

It is the most famous village in Japan in 2002. Why? Please see Tr.-23!


Taio Sports Center
[Site in Japanese]

Sports center in Nakatue Village. Why? Please see Tr.-23!


The Internet cafe of the Japan whole country

Links to the site of the Internet cafe in all around Japan. This site itself is in English and Japanese.


The Online Onsen Guide

The definitive guide to enjoying Japan's natural hot spring resorts


Spa Resort & Healthy Land

The links to Spa Resort & Healthy Land (they are a kind of public bathhouse). But it is originaly a site in Japanese. You click the note "English here" at the top of the page and then you can read in English. But it is computer translated English, take care please.


[Site in Japanese]

Bicycle Community. This site have news, racing information, online shopping, links of bike shop, links of bike club, etc..


Tokyo Sento Association
[Site in Japanese]

Sento means Public Bath House. It is a web site of Sento's association in Tokyo.


Invitation to Bon Dancing

Bon Dancing is a folk art which has 500 years of history and highlight the summer of Japan. It is a guide to the world of Bon Dancing from various angles


The Circle of Life

As the year 2000 drew to a close, Ryan Armstrong, who was a Coordinator for International Relations, became a pilgrim "Henro" for one month. His digital cameras forms the record of his wander around the 88 temples of Shikoku.


The Japanese Romantic Road [Japanische Romantische Straße]

The name comes from Romantic Road (Romantische Straße) in Germany. This is the offical web site of the Japanese Romantic Road.


Romantic Village
[Site in Japanese]

It is a park very close to the Japanese Romantic Road. It has spa, restaurant, inn, souvenir shop, etc..


You can buy maps of Japan and Japanese books in your home.
You can buy "ROAD ATLAS JAPAN" and "TOURING MAPPLE" here. (They are recommended maps of Japan.);path=tg/browse/-/1094656

The Cycle Marathon around Lake Biwa

Time trial fun ride event around the largest lake in Japan.


He is the father of ULTRAMAN and GODZILLA

JAPAN RAIL PASS is a traveler's best friend. With the PASS you can freely board almost any train on JR Group lines throughout the country.
Japanese Ferries (Domestic Routes)
Japanese Ferries (Domestic Routes)

basic info, route, frequency, duration, and fare table
List of ferry operators in Japan

List of ferry operators in Japan

List of ferry operators in Japan lists car ferry operators in Japan. The list includes companies operating now. It also lists foreign operators that have international car ferry lines to Japan. English names might be tentative.
Boat Travel Information
[site in Japanese]

Many informations about Japan domestic and international boat and ferry.

The Tobacco and Salt Museum is a many-sided institution that specializes in the collection and study of materials relating to tobacco and salt, which were the monopoly goods in Japan. The quality and interest level of its exhibitions and other events make it a favorite with the public.
Le Japon à découvrir, bons plans Voyages , Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka.
[Site in French]

Japan holidays site made by French couple living in Tokyo.
Bike, MTB Information Center
[Site in Japanese]

Many informations about bike, especially MTB.
3D Landscapes CG & Maps

If you want to make profile map, check it out!
Outdoor Japan

It is the only bilingual or English magazine about travel and the outdoors in Japan: Onsen, Hiking, Cycling, Rafting surfing, Golf, Scuba Diving, Eock Climbing, etc.
Link to "HIKING & CAMPING" page is here.
Japan National Tourist Organization

Huge informations about touring in Japan.
Link to "CAMPING IN JAPAN" page(.pdf) is here.

Adventure race and Tour information company in Japan.
Link to "Tokyo Rental MTB" page is here.
Where the hell are you? Where the hell are you?

A FOTOLOG made by a cyclist who was living in Tokyo, now in Brazil.
rs_logo.gifRoad Station "Michi no Eki"
[site in Japanese]

There are food & souvenir shop, information center, restaurant, toilet and telephone etc. in it.
It is good for taking a rest and reserving accomodation.
Road Station "Michi no Eki"

page by "Road Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport"
Information about Road Station is in only Japanese. But there is a map in the top page. If you click the map you can see where Road Stations are.
Google Maps

It provides a internet map of Japan and "get directions" service.
(The letters in the map are Japanese)
Windows Live Local Windows Live Local

It provides a internet map of Japan and "get directions" service.
(The letters in the map are Japanese)
[Site in Japanese]

Huge number of collections of cycling route by GoogleMaps, covering all over Japan.
Narrow Road
to the Deep North

- Wikitravel
Narrow Road to the Deep North - Wikitravel

Travel guide of Narrow Road to the Deep North.
Basho's World - Narrow Road to the Deep North

translation by Nobuyuki Yuasa
QBEI - Race & Leisure Bike Shop

famous bike shop in Kyoto
Bike Asia

They are a small cycle tour company based in Asia, but they have tours in Japan.
Pictures of the world

FREE Pictures of the world, travel pictures and archeology pictures

Accommodation in Japan


Japan Youth Hostels, Inc.



TOHO is the name of a tourist-house association. It's like a youth hostel without a members card.
The site is mainly in Japanese but they have information page in English.


Japan Ryokan association

Intorduction of Japanese Style inn "Ryokan", Ryokan list, etc.


Japan Hotel Association

Search by prefecture, Room reservetion, etc.

Bicycle Touring (except Japan)


The long distance bikers forum



Bicycle Camping and Touring
A complete guide to bicycle touring, including bicycle gearing, planning a trip, selecting gear, chosing a tent, making touring bags, carrying a laptop, camping in the woods, reading maps, predicting weather, and cooking meals. In addition, this directory includes accounts of 35,000 miles of long and short bicycle camping trips all over Eastern and Central United States and Canada.


David's Guide to Taiwan -

A guide to Taiwan providing useful information in English for foreigners about studying Chinese, teaching English, travel, cycling and more.

bike-velo_logo.gif - Karl Brodowsky's WWW-page

Many bicycle touring links around world


All the cycling links you'll every need. With news about cycling, mountain biking, cyclocross, bmx, road cycling, online retailers, online bike shops and more.


Mike's Mega Bicycle Links

Mike's Mega Bicycle Links has tons of bike links and info on the following cycling items: trails, maps, maintenance, mountain, tips and tricks, safety, traveloges, touring, Illinois and Chicago biking, Wisconsin, women's, handicap, newsgroups, email lists, humour, magazines, winter, accessories, gifts, tools, graphics


Huge Bike Forums - bicycle discussion forums.

Crazy Guy on a Bike

Bicycle tour journals, forums and resources


Cycling Links Directory

Organized by category, features news, offers bicycling-related books, magazines, videos, posters, links to shops, bike rides and tours, road races, news services, organizations and more.

Rated by The Cycle Holidays Directory

The Cycle Holidays Directory

The internet's premium resource for finding Cycle Holidays online.

cafetrip_logo.jpg - Worldwide Travel Pictures, Information & Pics

Great info about world wide travel. Of course many cycling info.

Ibike Tours

Fabulous, small group bicycle tours to Africa, Asia and the Americas, for ordinary active people. Enrich yourself with the complexity of the history, culture and environment and enjoying beautiful cycling.

Manufactures & Shops


[Site in Japanese]

carrying bags, side and front bags, etc.



carrying bags, accessaries, etc. (U.S.A Site. There is not a catalog of bag on Nov./21/2004)



PET bottle cage, other bicycle accessaries.

Ahearne Cycles

They make flask cage!.

It is an internet bike shop and selling a Carrying [Bike Transport] Bag for the train.
It is a U.S. company but they have a international shipping service.
The page for "Performance TransIt Soft Bike Case" is here.
(Jun. 05, 2006)
Bike Nashbar

It is an internet bike shop and selling a Carrying [Bike Transport] Bag for the train.
It is a U.S. company and I don't know they serve international shipping, but I think it is worth to contact with them.
The page for "Nashbar Bike Transport Bag" is here.
(Jun. 05, 2006)

Icons' Presenting Site


--Gif icon and background image etc. Web Graphics and Mac Icon Download--
Umimoru Service Area
[Site in Japanese]

many useful icons about mainly foods
Yuri's holiday
[Site in Japanese]

many useful icons about traveling
[Site in Japanese]

many useful icons about bicycle
It is not only icon presenting, but site for bicycling.
icon house LEAF
[Site in Japanese]

many useful icons
[Site in Japanese]

many useful icons about automobile
Hosome no CURSOR Act 9
[Site in Japanese]

ULTRAMANs come from here.
TSUKURU no Sozai Sansaku
[Site in Japanese]

weater icons come from here.
Emperor Penguin Empire
[Site in Japanese]

Penguins come from here.



Blog of cafe malle's master
[Site in Japanese]

best cafe at Toritsu-daigaku in Tokyo.
This site is a blog of cafe malle's master.

Iwaoka Studio Interaction Design
[Site in Japanese]

Design Studio who designed logo of TCC(Tokyo Cycling Club)


BAR Lismore
[Site in Japanese]

good bar at Jiyugaoka in Tokyo

Gallery Juichi-gatsu

cool gallery at Ginza in Tokyo
trattoria - La galleria "Bianchi"
[Site in Japanese]

nice Itarian restaurant at Jiyugaoka in Tokyo. Of course the chef is a owner of Bianchi bike.
[Site in Japanese]

nice "yakitori" restaurant bar at Jiyugaoka in Tokyo
[Site in Japanese]

nice bar in Yokohama


pepe02.gifNASU - Andalucia in summer
[Site in Japanese]

Official site of a Japanese animation movie. It is a story in Vuelta a Espana.

NASU - A Migratory Bird with suitcase
[Site in Japanese]

Official site of a Japanese animation movie. It is a part 2 and the race of the story is Japan Cup.
Paper Napkin Paper Napkin
[Site in Japanese]

Blog of interaction designer of Iwaoka Studio
[Site in Japanese]

Check it out!
Darts & CafeBar DE ROSA
[Site in Japanese]

good bar at Shirakawa in Fukushima. Of course the master is a owner of DE ROSA bike.
[Site in Japanese]

nice stateless style standing bar at Jiyugaoka in Tokyo

Ciao! Bar muraccho

Ciao! Bar muraccho
[Site in Japanese]

nice stall style cafe at Jiyugaoka in Tokyo

nice dining bar at Jiyugaoka in Tokyo. The master and his wife are cyclists.

Authentic deli-style cuisine from Israel, Europe and the Mediterranean
[Site in Japanese]

His name is obu. He played an important role in Narrow Roard to the Interior - Stage 2, "Sightseeing".
Chiba Lotte Marines

Do you know Marines? Click the "English" button in the site!

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